Inside out

Group show, Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels (BE)
Curated by Art Cares Covid
From 2 October until 24 January
Info : website

Group show, Kunstwerk - Fort 5, Edegem (BE)
From 10 to 25 October
Info : website

Me, Myself and I
Group show, Black Swan Gallery, Bruges (BE)
From 17 October until 15 November
Info : website

Group show, Stad Festival Damme (BE)
From 23 October until 13 December
Info : website

ART CARES COVID is a platform created in a state emergency to jointly help two groups affected by the Covid-19 crisis: artists, whose sources of income are disappearing, and seniors, who are particularly affected by the epidemic health-wise as well as suffering from social isolation.

ART CARES COVID offers all art lovers to support the affected artists and seniors by purchasing an artwork of which 60% of the price will be paid to the artist and 40% to the non-profit organization A Travers les Arts! . With this money, the organization will compensate for urgent food supplies and medicines delivered to our elders during the confinement period, as well as for creating artistic intergenerational moments.

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